Real Madrid and Barcelona to reclaim greatness

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After being beaten by Atletico Madrid to win the championship last season. It is now the hard task of both Real Madrid and Barcelona to reclaim greatness in Spanish football. Which team will be the most interesting team in this season’s La Liga championship?

“White King” has a direct advantage. Carlo Ancelotti, the veteran coach, who feels every corner of the club is good and back in control of the army. But his job may not be easy at all. Because the blood transfusions of old players still have to continue, starting with Sergio Ramos, Rafael Varane, there are still many people who have to retire and find replacements, since Marcelo. , Luka Modric, Gareth Bale and Toni Kroos.

In addition, the performance of Eden Hazard must also be evaluate, with the purchase of a price and high wages. But still can’t show its worth because of chronic injuries Until having to spend more time off the field than playing, including Luka Jovic,

All of them are still a matter of decision. Including the pull of Kylian Mbappe with a price of 170 million euros from PSG. And the club still can’t let players out of high wages. There may be chronic problems that rivals Barcelona are facing, it is not.

It’s amazing to have Mbappe. But players like “Probel”, who “Anche” returned to give him a chance to become a starter and starboard, would not go anywhere. Because of the wages until the navel swelling level 600,000 pounds per week It would be difficult to find a team to take over. Or have to wait until the contract expires,

After all, Ancelotti has to come back and solve the problem that he has created. Because he himself was the one who pulled Bale. Entered in 2013, before Zidane took office, he was not very fond of the Welsh striker. Therefore, it has become a constant price problem.

Crossing over to the Catalan side, Barcelona still looks like a sick person with a fever. After being unable to hold on to Lionel Messi, the team’s superstar. Negotiations for Antoine Griezmann and Felipe Coutinho are underway to reduce Antoine Griezmann’s wages after the club’s chairman Joan Laporta recently announced that the club are in debt at $1.15 billion. pounds, which I do not know as well How did the old management let this happen?

Losing Messi will never be the same for Barça. It depends on how much lighter head coach Ronald Koemann can make.

The (former) team has to face the same problem as the white team, with players unable to help the team. But the wages are very expensive, such as Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Miralem Pjanic and Samuel Umtiti from the purchase policy of a throw-in, do not look at the eyes of the boat. This is partially released.