Owen Prediction Arsenal Vs Chelsea

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Michael Owen, former White King striker Predict the results of the English Premier League game, a big match on Sunday night, like Arsenal vs Chelsea. And put the score in the way to win in the same way.

“Honestly, I’m very disappoint to see Arsenal lost to a newly promoted team last week. But I have to admit that the Brent Ford throttle form out over really, “Owen opened the issue with BetVictor,

” Mikel Arteta spend money to buy players to quite a lot in the summer. this But I don’t know why I feel Arsenal are not stronger than last season? So if they get it in the TOP 4, I’ll be the most surprised, they will even fall out of the TOP 6 for another year.”

“As for Chelsea, even though they are direct rivals in the city But their situation was the complete opposite. because the year came to compete as the European champion strong playing form Great tactics The defensive game is tough, and Lukaku is also getting more aggressive in the offensive line.”

“I’m a bit puzzled because last season Chelsea won the UCL and finished fourth in the league with defensive midfielder Jorginho being the club’s top scorer. Think you’ll get me fired if Luke is now spreading like Inter Milan , they are very successful life, “

” however. This is a derby match where prestige is at stake. So anything can happen at all. But if traditionally measured, this hour Arsenal will definitely not resist Chelsea.”