Birmingham Phoenix, the top of the Hundred table

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Birmingham Phoenix rise to the top of the men’s Hundred table after defeating rivals Trent Rockets at Trent Bridge.

Liam Livingstone smashed 50 of 30 and Miles Hammond scored 38 of 20 as Phoenix posted 166-6.

Debut Dillon Pennington, who ended 2-11 from 15 deliveries, earned two wickets while the Rockets fell to 28-3 in the response.

Steven Mullaney, who previously caught up well on the border to chase Livingstone, hit 49 of 33 deliveries to give his side a chance before he knocked out Pat Brown. The cruiser chose the Phoenix Bowler with 3-27.

Birmingham Phoenix overtakes Southern Brave to take the lead, while the Rockets remain in 3rd place.

Livingstone sets fire to Midland derby

On thursday We received 200 points from The Hundred’s first ufabet team.

And for a moment it looked like we were heading to that landmark again with Phoenix in 90-1 after 55 balls.

The Rockets may have pulled their rivals back, but Liam Livingstone’s win proved the difference.

Some players don’t seem pressured. And Livingstone is a certain player.

Having been named captain in the absence of Moeen Ali, who plays for England in their second Test against India, Livingstone bears no additional responsibility.

Either the top punch or the powerful punch Livingstone was still able to find boundaries. His knocks included three, six and four, and he became the second highest scorer in the men’s hundred.