Perfect first game! review after Man Utd crushes Leeds

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Man Utd kicked off the new season with great excitement with a lawnmower. (Pretty Grass Champion Kit) elaborately stuffed into Rule Darkz of the Rose War antagonist Leeds United.

Review after Man Utd crushes Leeds

1. When the list of 11 real people came out, it seemed to offend the ghost children quite a bit. When the manager caught Paul Pogba, who was suppose to play the role of central midfielder, to the side and let the McFred duo play as a defensive partner.

 2. After about 20 minutes, Pogba moved from the left to form a game in the middle, opening up space for Luke Shaw to play on the left.

Khun Pok delivers the ball smartly. and effective Closing in to open the ball in the middle. In addition to making the offensive game a breakthrough In the middle there is also a partner ‘McFred’ facing another opponent. 

While Bruno Fernandes moved up high like a second striker, pushing up to score goals. That’s the reason why. He was able to score a hat-trick.

   3. The original player There are no newly bought players on the field yet.

But the style of play of Manchester United is different from the original in that it has more speed. as well as being clearly more enterprising. There is no pulling rhythm like the old one.

Incidentally, they’ve shown something like this since their 4-0 friendly against Everton last week. 

Man United changed the tempo from defensive to attacking very quickly and very well. So let’s take an example from the first door.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka cut the ball in the middle of the field and passed it to Scott McTominay before the Starton star put the ball to Paul Pogba. 

The goals scored by playing fast like this is a true Red Devils identity.

4. Not only that, ‘Aunt Candy’ also plans for the team to squeeze high while rushing towards the ball quickly. in order not to allow visitors to set up the game

In addition, Leeds pushed to play in a vest. That is, will not accept it completely. If you want to attack, you dare to open your face to exchange full body. The game is therefore amphibian not going one way. 

5. It’s a very perfect first game.

Raphael Varane was launched in front of approximately 70 thousand football fans at Old Trafford, with the number 19 shirt sold in the megastore after the game.

Bruno Fernandes scores a hat-trick without a penalty.

Paul Pogba has set a new record with four assists in a single game.

Jadon Sancho made his first appearance.

and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer conjured Manchester United to play offensively in style.