Redknapp taunts Mourinho, Still making money

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Jamie Redknapp, a famous ex-footballer, has taunted Jose Mourinho for being “special” because he still took home a large sum of money despite his harsh criticism of his team. He was quoted as saying that Mourinho had criticized the Spurs players during his time in charge. “Golden Spikes Chicken”

Former star Jamie Redknapp has taunted AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho, saying that the reason Mourinho is nicknamed ‘The Special One’ is because he still does. Money, both insulting their own ufabet team members

Redknapp has repeatedly criticized Mourinho during his time as Tottenham Hotspur manager, having played for Redknapp. “Golden Spikes” before, such as saying Mourinho treated Dele Alli and Gareth Bale inappropriately. Including saying that it is not surprising that Mourinho was sacked, for example. Most recently, Redknapp appeared on a television program with Laura Woods, the latter working with Mourinho at Euro 2020, during which time Woods When asked by the host why Mourinho hated Redknapp so much, she replied: “Actually what he asked me was -Why does Jamie hate me so much?-“

Hearing that, he immediately replied, “Wow! you know me well I’m a lover, not a warrior. You know he’s a very nice guy, he comes in, curses his team, and then takes home the big money. That’s why he’s so special. That’s what makes him The Special One.”