Nedved defeats the drama Juventus drop “Ronaldo”

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Became an instant drama about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo, the top Portuguese striker of “Zebra” Juventus, the famous club of the Italian Serie A stage after At the opening game of the 2021-22 season, referred to as a substitute only

by Fabrizio Romano, a famous Italian football journalist. came out to reveal the depth. That the 36-year-old veteran striker had to sit and watch his friends play in the “Zebra” game away to Udinese on Sunday, August 22. Before being sent off in the final half hour. Plus, almost breaking the winning goal,

“Cristiano Ronaldo will be name on the bench in the game against Udinese. I hope to find a solution for the rest of the market this summer.”

“However, Juventus have not received an official offer from any club at this time.” It created a lot of dissatisfaction with the Bianconeri fans.

Until Pavel Nedved, vice-president of the famous Juventus club, had to come out clear about the issue of what happened. “We must not try to make the story big. That’s nothing, “

” It was a joint decision with the players early in the season. Many people are not physically fit perfectly. The coach is trying to use the best

starting XI in this moment. It was the most result-oriented decision for today’s match. I can confirm that Ronaldo will definitely be with Juventus this season.”

for Portugal national team captain Has been linked with several clubs in the past as the subject’s current contract expires in June 2022. Although he insist that the media should respect him. And the club in this regard But in the end, there was still playing news like this continuously.