Messi announces retirement from Barcelona, ​​ending his 21-year career

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Lionel Messi, Argentina National Team Striker Released a press conference farewell to the agency Barcelona, the giants of the Spanish La Liga battle officially. On Sunday, August 8,

after the agency announced that it could not renew the contract with The 34-year-old White Blue has been facing financial problems at the club despite Messi’s decision to cut his wages to 50 per cent.

“I believe to be in Barcelona because this is my home. our home I want to stay at Barca and. That is the plan I had plan before. But today I have to say goodbye here.”

“I’ve been here my whole life since I was 13. After 21 years I’m still here with my wife and three children. I won’t come back here because this is my home I have to thank the ufabet club And the fans who have always given me love, “Messi said

at the same time that there was news link to the news about moving to football with Paris Saint-Germain, a famous club of the French Ligue 1, which referred to. About this at a press conference, “Yes, Paris Saint-Germain. possible But at this time nothing is certain. I received a lot of offers after the Barcelona announcement.”

For Lionel Messi, a young player from Barcelona before stepping into the first team in 2003, he has made 778 appearances for the club, scoring 672 goals and sweeping many trophies since the La Liga title. Ten Liga titles, four UEFA Champions League titles, three Club World Cup titles. And seven Copa del Rey titles are not include.